Kareen had been working as an interior architect for the past 20 years. After achieving her architectural studies in the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, she pursued her education in Interior Architecture at ALBA and acquired her Master’s degree in 1998.
She later joined Gregory Gaterelia’s team and designed Night clubs, pubs, contemporary art galleries and private residences. Kareen’s interest for personalized interiors led her to create her own Interior Studio in 2001 but also manage the reconstruction and renovation of Beirut with Solidere. On another note, she had been devoted to teaching Interior Architecture in ALBA since 2006 and joined the design section in 2014.

Kareen and Georges met in 1998 at Gateserelia’s design office. They have since share the same passion for architecture and furniture design. In 2001, they co-designed and produced a lighting exhibition “Incandescence” at the French Consulate. After a long time of committing between USA and Europe, Kareen and Georges decided to move into partnership by creating Wood& partners in 2015. Finally in 2017, Kareen became a full time partner to develop the interior design department more along with the furniture design department.